College of International Business and Economics, Wuhan Textile University (WTU).  To create a new model for SMT one of the three sports people, established to cultivate one's morality, use of hospital training requires all teachers to set up a "teacher teaching, good teaching style that use". All work with the college students as the center, a full range of student services, implementation of the "all for students, for all students, for all students" purpose, focus on the construction of campus culture, the formation of teaching, management education, service education, create a good educational environment.

          Wuhan Textile University Institute of foreign trade living facilities, advanced teaching equipment, multimedia classrooms, language labs and in every classroom for audio-visual closed-circuit system terminal, provides advanced means for imparting modern professional knowledge; the authority of the library books and magazines of abundant data, convenient electronic reading room, bright and spacious room to provide books and periodicals the rich spiritual food for teachers and students; in every corner of the campus network to become closer to the distance of time and space; and the basketball court, volleyball court, gym room, room, Sanda is fit and form a good place for body health. A more enthusiastic student, a well educated teacher. Everything here shows the youthful vitality and modern flavor of this new type of university.

          As a new type of institutions of higher learning, the college adhere to the "people's satisfaction of the University" concept, and strive to practice teachers, schools, students of the "three" strategy to the quality of survival, to seek development with characteristics. College, part-time teachers are available, and more than 40% professors, associate professors titles, doctoral, master accounted for about 35% of the total number of full-time teachers, there are more than national, provincial and ministerial level outstanding teachers. At the same time, but also long-term hire experts in America, Britain, Canada, Australia and other countries to give lectures; more than 20 entrepreneurs, economists and government officials as a distinguished professor of the college, closer to the market, from the more recent, from the near future.

          The school is now in fashion art design, decoration art design, environmental art design, industrial design (Art), international economics and trade, accounting, business management, information management and information system, marketing, e-commerce, logistics management, mechanical design manufacture and automation, building environment and equipment engineering, water supply and drainage engineering measurement and control technology and instrument, biological engineering, industrial design (Science and Technology), automation, electronic information engineering, electronic information science and technology, computer science and technology, environmental engineering, polymer materials and engineering, textile engineering (textile trade), light chemical engineering, chemical engineering and technology, advertising, English (Science and technology the direction of trade) 39 undergraduate professional (direction), human resource management, international freight forwarding, logistics management, international Economy and trade, international marketing, foreign accounting, business English and other 10 Specialist (direction). For more than 10 provinces and cities nationwide enrollment. Graduate employment rate of more than 90%. Institute of personnel training specifications are: 1234"